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Friday, June 8, 2018

Vanity Fair: Julie Miller- 'Is Reality TV To Blame For President Donald Trump?'

Source: Vanity Fair- 1600 Pennsylvania at The White House Reality TV show.
Source:The New Democrat

"Last year, Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen noticed Donald Trump using so many pot-stirring tactics from the Bravo franchise that he began cataloguing them on Twitter. When the president used social media to cancel a White House invitation that N.B.A. champion Stephen Curry had not yet officially rejected, Cohen tweeted, “HOUSEWIVES PLAYBOOK: rescind invitations liberally! (See: Bethenny re LuAnn, Mexico; Bethenny & Ramona, Mexico).” Trump’s post-election digs about Hillary? “Keep bringing up fights from last season.” Trump’s excuse for not immediately calling Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto following an earthquake? “Blame cell-phone reception.” Trump’s suggestion that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign colluded with the Russians? Tossing out bogus statements in desperate pleas “to stay on the show,” Cohen wrote...

You can read the rest at Vanity Fair

"DISCLAIMER: This episode is in no way meant to comment on whether Trump (or anyone else running) would make a good President and whether or not you should vote for him. It's meant purely to assess the tactics used in his political campaign because I found it interesting. Any jokes made at his, or any other candidate's expense, are there purely for entertainment. There'll still be a ton of hate in the comments, but hey, at least I tried to head it off at the pass here :)

When you think of the 2016 Presidential campaign, one name comes to mind - TRUMP. Every day, news stories come out about his inflammatory comments, his stubborn, unapologetic debate strategy...and that's EXACTLY the way he wants it. Trump is no traditional politician; his tactics come from somewhere else, and that place is REALITY TV. Trump's long history in reality television has given him the perfect strategic edge in the political arena, and so far he's winning the game of political Survivor that is the 2016 presidential race."

Source: The Film Theorists- Donald Trump meet Uncle Sam.
From The Film Theorists

You can't blame reality TV for everything that is wrong with America, ( trust me, I've tried ) but without this facts don't matter, everything is relative, what you can get away with to accomplish whatever your goals are celebrity culture that we're living in, Donald Trump is the king of that. No one uses that lifestyle and culture to his advantage better than The Donald Trump.

Source: Vanity Fair- The Donald Trump 
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at The White House, is the biggest reality TV show in the history of universe. It's on 24 hours a day even when most people in country ( except for your addicted insomniacs are asleep ) and it's like one of those TV's that don't have an off button and even a mute button and to get away from it you have to be in a different room on a different floor. You can't turn it off, but simply try to get away with it. Like turning your i-phone off while in search for a life outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at The White House.

Source: Vanity Fair- The Donald Trump 
It's not that we live in a reality TV universe, but that we live in Donald Trump's reality TV universe. Where he's the king of it and where they're no rules at least that govern him. Where he never has to ever worry about being kicked off his own show ( unless Congressional Republicans grow a set off balls, or Democrats win back Congress ) because it is his own show. Unlike a reality TV show when the ratings start to slip and they believe that has to do with one character or several characters, those people are simply fired.

Firing the President of the United States, is about as easy as landing a 747 plane blindfolded without landing wheels, or pushing an elephant up the hill with just your arms and legs. Those things can only happen in extreme cases. And knowing this and the fact that The Donald has so little knowledge or respect for how American government works ( perhaps his father arranged for his son to not have to take social studies or American history in order to graduate ) The Donald views himself as a king or dictator even who can pretty much do whatever the hell he wants to without any real consequences.

Why not? He's got a 90% approval rating inside of the so-called Republican Party and a Republican Congress that by enlarge doesn't have the balls to hold him accountable for the most part, with a handful of Republicans Senators ( the last few Republicans who are actually still alive being the exception to this rule. Even though privately Congressional Republicans will tell you off the record that they know how irresponsible President Trump and his behavior is.

You can't blame reality TV for anything and again I know because I've tried, but reality TV does has a lot to do with what's wrong with America which is a subject for a future blog post. Personal responsibility with people taking the time to figure out the differences between what's not reality TV but celebrity life TV where perception is more important than actual reality, has to be imaged here by every American especially the fans of celebrity life TV.

But that's the life that Donald Trump lives in and uses it to the max to advance his career goals like becoming President of the United States and being President. With 60 plus million Americans voting for him with about 90% of those voters still with him even with his low approval rating for a first term president.

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